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Terms & Conditions

Outdoor Cinema 4 Hire - OC4H

The Hirer – The customer

The hirer agrees to all of the following:


Any damages or loss of equipment the hirer maybe charged and any additional payments will need to be made within 10 days for repayment and repairs. Any damages to the equipment or missing equipment please report to OC4H straight away. 

The hirers card details will be held securely via OC4H payment system incase or any damages or lost equipment. The hirer agrees their card will be automatically charged if needed. Once the equipment has been return and there are no issues the hirers card will be automatically removed. 

Damage/ Replacement costs.

£40 per headphone, £100 per transmitters, £15 - £25 per lead/ cable/ charger, £25 per box, missed collection/ delivery £25 - £75, £4 tape, £2 information pack, £5 padlock, Iphone connector £12.

Hang up screen - £200 - £350, Inflatable screen, £800 - £1500. 

Projector - £1900 - £3000

Box - £50 

Pegs - £25

Damage to the white screen - £200 - £500. 

We hold your details on our system until the end of the hire, after the hire the details will be removed automatically.  If there were any damages or loss of equipment then your card would be charged. Please note this is extremely rare. Please do let us know if you have any questions regarding this.

Weather - All equipment CAN NOT be used in any light or heavy rain. If any rain arrives while your event is taking place please unplug the projector first and move this indoors followed by any electrical equipment. 

If rain is forecasted for the weekend of your hire then we have the right to cancel the hire and we will provide a 90% refund or agree with you to move the date for no extra cost.

The hirer understand they can only use the project a minimum of 15 minutes after sun set due as it will be to light to see the screen.

Expectations - The OC4H equipment should not be used in sunlight and our largest screen and projector is designed for up to 75 people. 

Delivery and Collection:

  1. The hirer agrees that they are able to take delivery of the equipment on the agreed delivery date. The hirer agrees that the equipment will be ready to be collected by the courier in its original packing on the agreed collection date. The hirer will stick the return labels onto the boxes before collection (provided by OC4H) with the lids securely on the boxes with cable ties and locks (provided with delivery). The hirer agrees to pay any re-collection charges should the courier have to be rebooked for either delivery or collection.

  2. The hirer agrees to not amend the courier delivery or collection via the notification text/email without prior permission from OC4H. The hirer may incur extra delivery/collection charges at OC4H's discretion. OC4H accepts no responsibility for late delivery if nobody is available to receive the equipment. Deliveries typically occur between 8.00am and 18.00pm Monday – Friday, not including bank holidays. 

  3. Hirers understand there maybe late fees for not returning hire gear on time due to error of the hirer or hirers party. (e.g. not putting return labels on the boxes before collection).


Packing the boxes for return:

If the hire boxes are not secure with cable ties & the padlocks before collection with DPD you are fully responsible for any losses. Feel free to take photos of the boxes secure before they leave your premises. 

Payment, transfers, cancellations and forfeiture of deposit:

  1. The hirer agrees to secure their booking and date with a minimum 50% deposit of the hire costs. The equipment will not be shipped until full payment of the hire has been made. 

  2. The hirer agrees that if circumstances change and you need to change the dates of the hire agreement, subject to availability, then the hirer must inform OC4H no less than 28 days prior to your scheduled delivery date, the hirer will then be able to transfer 50% to another date. 

  3. Cancellations will result in forfeiture of all deposits or fees paid unless OC4H cancels the booking your deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel between 14 - 28 days before your hire you will receive 75% refund. 7 - 14 days 25% refund, less than 7 days 0% refund.

  4. OC4H can not refund you for any changes to your hire package. For example if you book to hire 25 headphones and change your mind to go down to 18 OC4H will not refund you the difference. 


Liability Release and Assumption of Risk:

The hirer personally and voluntarily assumes the risks of any harm, trauma, injury or damage that may occur to any person or property whether foreseen or unforeseen in connection with the activity. As the hirer of the equipment the undersigned is/are responsible for the conscientious use of the equipment and shall be responsible and may incur charges for any loss or damage to the equipment. OC4H cannot and will not be held liable for any public liability when not directly supervising an event. You should undertake your own risk assessment for any public event.

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